Our greatest asset is our people

Our CPAs and accountants work and live in Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and throughout Arizona. The brightest, most experienced professionals and administrative colleagues work together as a team serving Arizona businesses. Our professionals have diverse backgrounds, speak a variety of languages, and possess a wide-range of technical skills. Read their bios for an in-depth perspective on services and industry experience.

Aiono, Kaitlyn
Kaitlin E. Aiono
Audit Senior
Lindsay Erickson
Lindsay D. Barton, CPA
Audit Supervisor
Michelle V. Chacon
Chandler Office Manager
John D. Cilwa
Systems Administrator
Gryp, Sarah E.
Sarah E. Gryp, CPA
Tax Manager
Nasario A. Hernandez
Accounting Specialist
Brendan Higgins
Brendan J. Higgins, CPA
Tax Manager
Kaitlyn L. Hirakawa
Tax Senior
Jenkins, Mariam B_CPA
Miriam B. Jenkins, CPA
Tax Supervisor
Christy Kaiser
Christy E. Kaiser
Executive Assistant
Jake Klein
Jakob I. Klein, CPA
Tax Manager
R. H. Klotzbach, CPA
Account Manager
LaCross Suzanne
Suzanne M. LaCross, CPA
Tax Manager
Bing Li
Staff Accountant
Alyssa S. Logan
Staff Accountant
Gail Ludwig
Gail L. Ludwig
Administrative Assistant
Heather L. Marzullo
Executive Assistant
Danielle N. McFadden, CPA
Tax Supervisor
Emily L. Mead
Staff Accountant
Baneika M. Miller
Senior Accounting Specialist
Hunter A. Moon
Staff Accountant
Natalie C. Neukomm
Audit Senior
Corey Y. Ng, CPA
Audit Manager
Ortega, Adam C.
Adam C. Ortega
Audit Supervisor
Wesley A. Preece
Staff Accountant
Brandy L. Ritz, CPA
Tax Manager
Gena Runnels
Gena M. Runnels
Scottsdale Office Manager
St. Sauveur, Katelyn M.
Katelyn St. Sauveur, CPA
Audit Supervisor
Erica D. Sanchez
Administrative Assistant
Lisa Schabloski
Lisa Ann Schabloski, CPA
Tax Senior
Hiral Shah, CPA
Tax Senior
James P. Smith
Staff Accountant
Susmarski, Brian M.
Brian M. Susmarski, CPA
Tax Supervisor
Wright, Sarah A_2019
Sarah A. Wright, CPA
Tax Senior
Jamie K. Yungen
Tax Senior
Zwick, Jordan L.
Jordan L. Zwick
Audit Senior
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