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Accounting and Business Consulting

As advisors and consultants, we serve the technology sector by offering business and accounting guidance to Arizona private companies and their owners. Some of our clients include telecommunications, hardware and networking, software developers, software support, computer systems design, electrical contractors, instrumental equipment manufacturers, industrial machinery manufacturers and distributors, industrial equipment wholesalers, medical equipment suppliers, and data processing facilities management.


Wallace Plese + Dreher’s (WP+D) Arizona CPAs and accountants offer strategic and operational planning for growth-oriented technology companies. Our integrated approach includes accounting, tax, audit, assurance, and consulting services. Consulting services include determining short and long-term objectives, pinpointing barriers to profitability, and identifying business challenges. Recognizing the importance of strategic planning for growth-oriented companies, we focus on objectives such as obtaining capital, exit strategies for early round investors, or business sale.

We collaborate with clients in evaluating their industry and market. Client teams are assigned by experience and industry and spend time understanding business challenges. To ensure our advisory services are relevant and current, we are involved in many trade and nonprofit organizations. Exposure to these organizations helps us remain informed and knowledgeable about the Arizona business community.

Specific to the technology sector, we educate clients about tax and business matters impacting their company. For example, we identify opportunities for reducing tax liability with Research & Development (R&D) tax credits. Any company, regardless of size or nature, that develops new or improved products or processes, may be eligible to receive R&D tax credits. Many companies that qualify make products they do not design.

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Some of our services include:
  • Developing an organized, effective cash flow model allowing adjustments to operations and avoiding shortfalls, including improving receivables and managing payables.
  • Creating key metrics, going beyond calculating a profit or loss, to determine progress.
  • Completing and filing required legal and compliance documents.
  • Identifying new tax savings opportunities, such as claiming tax deductions and maximizing write-offs.
  • Weighing financial ramifications of certain decisions, such as whether to hire an independent contractor or a full-time employee, buying or renting an office space, and leasing a company car.

Services Devoted to Technology

Partners and managers are actively engaged with clients in delivering appropriate service. Arizona client teams are comprised of certified public accountants, certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, and accounting specialists with experience and knowledge serving the technology sector.

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