The Internet dramatically increased access to global markets. Now, with the right planning and guidance, companies of every size can execute cross-border and overseas exporting.
According to the International Trade Administration:
+ Over 70 percent of the world’s purchasing power is outside of the U.S.
+ Exporting businesses on average, experience quicker sales growth, greater job creation, and better employee earnings.
+ Exports account for 13.8 percent of U.S. GDP.
+ Exporting helps businesses during fluctuations in the U.S. economy.
International expansion requires advice regarding entity selection and tax compliance. Companies also need an operational plan for financing, accessing profits, and potential market exits. In collaboration with our International team, we can evaluate advantages of different operating entities, tax implications, and market access. With bilingual professionals that speak a number of languages, we serve U.S. based businesses operating internationally and foreign-based companies operating within the U.S.
+ Organization and entity structuring
+ Business and tax strategies
+ Interest Charge – Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC)
+ Federal and state incentive and credit maximization
+ Planning and implementation of export incentives
+ Repatriation strategies
+ Foreign earnings and profits analysis
+ IFRS and convergence issues
+ International tax withholding and filing requirements
+ Transfer pricing
+ Due diligence
+ Outbound and inbound executive planning
+ Permanent establishment rules
+ Income and estate tax treaties
Our team includes Arizona certified public accountants with international tax experience. Contact one of our team members for guidance and assistance regarding your situation.
Stephen J. Rodis, CPA
Sara B. Nance, CPA