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January 31 Preparing for Business Tax Filings

January 31 is a significant date for businesses to perform certain tasks and start preparing for their tax filings. Businesses should keep in mind that state taxing authorities have their own set of due dates.  It is never too early to work with your accounting and payroll staff to make sure your end-of-year reporting is accurate and timely.

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Estate planning

Estate Planning for Those Under 40

Categories: Estate Planning

You are never too young to start planning for your estate. Also, you should not put off estate planning until you are ready to retire. The earlier you start, the better off your family will be if something unforeseen happens. Learn why you are never too young for estate planning.

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Tax planning strategy

Tax Planning and Good Financial Health

Categories: News

Good tax planning is a year-round activity requiring collaboration with your accountant to evaluate current circumstances and discuss any changes that may impact minimizing taxes. Circumstances change. Even if you used the standard deduction in the past, it may no longer be the right option for you.

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Car leasing

Taxes and Finances | Car Leasing

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Other than a home, a car is typically the biggest purchase you will make. Many car owners do not consider the financial implications. What are the benefits and disadvantages of buying and leasing a car?

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