Our alliance with CPAmerica, Inc., a member of Crowe Global, enhances our domestic and global reach. Technical expertise, best practices, and international knowledge are offered through an association of professionals in key regions. Our affiliation provides access to over 2,500 CPAs across America and more than 28,000 CPAs and consultants around the world. These combined resources expand our capabilities and bring value to our clients.

Crowe Global   Wallace, Plese + Dreher serves international needs of clients through CPAmerica, Inc.’s membership in Crowe Global. Ranked as the eighth largest accounting network in the world, Crowe Global is a leader with over 200 independent accounting and advisory firms in more than 130 countries. Crowe’s leaders work with governments, regulatory bodies, and industry groups to shape the future of the profession worldwide. Their exceptional knowledge of business, local laws and customs provide lasting value to clients undertaking international projects.