Arizona Accounting Firm’s Positive Impact

Michael Gossie, Editor-in-Chief, AZ Big Media, spoke to Michelle Flynn, CPA, Jason A. Mattina, CPA, and Allison Lynn Dozbaba, CPA, partners, Wallace Plese + Dreher, about the Firm’s positive impact on employees, clients, and community. Here is what they discussed.
Accounting today is more than crunching numbers. It is about sharing information and helping business owners build a foundation that helps sustain and grow their companies. All successful businesses need to know the amount of money it takes to create their product, provide their service, or take their company to the next level. Business leaders need accountants to help them create the revenue needed to create new jobs and build their businesses. Accountants can help guide them to achieve those goals. Accountants help businesses with short and long-term plans and are held in high regard with business owners and in the community.

Jason Mattina

“Accountants are respected business professionals, and public accounting is known to be one of the most trustworthy professions,” says Jason Mattina, CPA, partner at Wallace Plese + Dreher. ” As an accountant, you will become a trusted advisor to clients, and your opinion will matter in making business decisions.”
As the accounting profession has evolved internally, it has allowed accountants to move beyond analyzing numbers and become game-changing problem solvers for their clients. It has also capitalized on innovations to help the profession evolve externally as well.

Michelle Flynn

“Technology has expanded my ability to have dinner with my family, take my daughter to dance classes, or sons to baseball,” says Michelle Flynn, CPA, partner at Wallace Plese + Dreher. ” At night, I catch up on emails or complete a consulting engagement. I schedule client meetings while still reserving time to attend my childrens’ activities.”
That ability to have a life outside of work is one of the biggest evolutions — and benefits — of working in the accounting profession.
Allison Dozbaba, CPA, partner at Wallace Plese + Dreher, says it can be challenging to balance career responsibilities and family commitments. But the accounting profession and workplace culture at Wallace Plese + Dreher have allowed her to strike that balance.
“I have two very active little girls,” says Dozbaba. “I stay involved in their education and support teachers in Chandler by volunteering on campus and Tarwater Elementary School PTO.”
Dozbaba says that accountants and CPAs have a high level of credibility with the community, which gives them opportunities to assist local charities by serving on boards and supporting charity events.
“We are client and employee friendly,” she says. “We care about people. Our employees would describe us as compassionate and understanding. Many of our employees are involved with civic and nonprofit organizations, and we encourage that involvement.”

Allison Dozbaba

The accounting profession and the team at Wallace Plese + Dreher also reflects a wide range of cultures.
“Our people have diverse backgrounds, speak a variety of languages, and have a wide-range of technical skills,” Flynn says.
While today’s accounting profession offers the ability to balance a rewarding career and rich personal life along with the opportunity to meet and interact with influential business owners and management teams, what about the hours and tax time crunch historically associated with the profession?
During certain times of the year, there are more deadlines,” Mattina says. “However, all professions require deadlines and quick turnaround times. CPA firms have expanded their services beyond tax preparation and compliance helping to level out hours throughout the year. We consult with our clients regularly in order to stay up-to-date with what they are doing and provide the best advice. Building relationships takes time and frequent communication.”
Career experts say if you’re looking to make an investment in your future and find a healthy work-life balance, accounting may offer the opportunity to truly have it all.
“There’s a lot of opportunity in public accounting,” Flynn says. “You really can jump in. As much as you want to learn, you can learn. And as fast as you want to move up, you can move up. That’s exciting. That’s why people come to work at Wallace Plese + Dreher.”
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