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Business planning is a 12-month activity and year-round process. Throughout the year, individuals and businesses evaluate past and future strategies. Dedicated to building stronger client relationships, we proactively monitor federal and state regulatory issues impacting individuals and businesses. Recognizing every client is different, we welcome the opportunity to discuss each situation.
Additionally, these updates and announcements provide a glimpse of our Firm’s workplace culture. Our reputation is built on delivering stellar client service¬†through exceptional professionals. Focused on helping clients grow their businesses, we¬†also aim to develop future leaders.

Home Equity Loans May Still Be Deductible

According to the IRS, interest on home equity loans and similar products still can be deducted under the new tax law, even though early readings of the law suggested otherwise. Continue reading

What Every Employer Should Know About State Unemployment Tax

Most employers in the United States must pay state unemployment tax, the collection of which is authorized by the State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA). Although most wages are subject to SUTA tax, certain wages may be exempt. In addition to paying and withholding applicable state unemployment tax, employers also must file wage reports with the state unemployment agency, usually on a quarterly basis. How you handle these requirements can influence your federal unemployment tax rate. Continue reading

Charity as a Part of Your Legacy

How do you effectively make charity a part of your legacy? You want to donate with your head as well as your heart, making sure a charity is legitimate, well-run and aligns with your values. This article discusses evaluating charity legitimacy, performing smart research, and tax planning. Continue reading

Did You Receive an Audit Notification?

Every audit notification may not be legitimate and it is important to make sure it is official. The IRS will notify you either by letter or phone. The IRS does not notify taxpayers about audits through email. If you received an email stating you have been selected for an audit, it is probably fraudulent. If you determine that you are definitely getting audited, your next step is to learn what is involved. Continue reading

Managing 529 Plans in 2018

The cost of college continues to increase and saving takes planning. This article offers insights into saving for higher education and methods aligning with the new tax law. Continue reading

WP+D Official Spelling Bee | March 30, 2018

On March 30, 2018, WP+D held its first official Spelling Bee at both offices in Chandler and Scottsdale. The top spellers and champions were Christina Henning and Danielle Jennings. Continue reading

Estimated Taxes

You may need to pay estimated taxes if you are self-employed or have income other than a salary. This article explains estimated tax payments that are due every quarter. Continue reading

Ballot Measure to Amend Arizona Constitution Prohibiting Taxation of Services

A ballot measure was filed with the Secretary of State to amend Arizona’s Constitution to protect taxpayers from sales tax on services. The measure is supported by the Citizens for Fair Tax Policy, Arizona Retailers Association, and Arizona Association of Realtors. For the proposition to make it to the November ballot, at least 225,963 signatures are required by July 5, 2018. Continue reading

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