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Business planning is a 12-month activity and year-round process. Throughout the year, individuals and businesses evaluate past and future strategies. Dedicated to building stronger client relationships, we proactively monitor federal and state regulatory issues impacting individuals and businesses. Recognizing every client is different, we welcome the opportunity to discuss each situation.
Additionally, these updates and announcements provide a glimpse of our Firm’s workplace culture. Our reputation is built on delivering stellar client service¬†through exceptional professionals. Focused on helping clients grow their businesses, we¬†also aim to develop future leaders.

Surviving a Tax Audit

A tax audit is the fear of every taxpayer and subject of comedians, TV shows, and social media posts. If you are well-prepared, you can make it go smoothly and increase the odds of a good outcome. Continue reading

Business News | Preparing for New Accounting Challenges

What accounting issue does every business leader need to be aware of heading into 2019? A big change in lease accounting, due in January 2019, will affect every public and private Arizona company. See more from Randy G. Brammer, CPA, CCIFP, Audit Partner, and Michelle L. Flynn, CPA, Tax Partner, as featured in Az Business. Continue reading

House in a Trust | Pros | Cons

Trusts can solve a lot of estate planning problems, and you can even put your residence into one. There are many advantages to this powerful estate planning technique, but you need to know the details. Continue reading

Future of Bitcoin?

The digital currency, bitcoin, has frequently been in the news. What is this controversial financial product and how does it work? Is it something you should invest in? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency known as a cryptocurrency. Essentially, it is a form of money that exists only as computer code and is not overseen by any central bank. The IRS considers bitcoin a real thing and it is taxable. Continue reading

Supporting Our Community and Arizona Military

Wallace, Plese + Dreher (WP+D) believes in supporting our military and recognizes their sacrifices in protecting and defending the U.S. As one of the Firm’s community projects, we organized a drive to collect school supplies for Military Assistance Mission (MAM). With increased Arizona deployments, military children face many challenges and adjustments when family members are deployed. Continue reading

Wallace, Plese + Dreher (WP+D) Announces Promotions

Wallace, Plese + Dreher (WP+D) announces numerous promotions. Our people have diverse backgrounds, speak a variety of languages, and possess a wide-range of technical skills. Promotions reflect our workplace culture that encourages continuous learning, career development, and opportunities for advancement. Continue reading

Home Equity Loans May Still Be Deductible

According to the IRS, interest on home equity loans and similar products still can be deducted under the new tax law, even though early readings of the law suggested otherwise. Continue reading

What Every Employer Should Know About State Unemployment Tax

Most employers in the United States must pay state unemployment tax, the collection of which is authorized by the State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA). Although most wages are subject to SUTA tax, certain wages may be exempt. In addition to paying and withholding applicable state unemployment tax, employers also must file wage reports with the state unemployment agency, usually on a quarterly basis. How you handle these requirements can influence your federal unemployment tax rate. Continue reading

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