Arturo N. Moreno, CPA Appointed NourishPHX Board Chair

Congratulations to Arturo N. Moreno, CPA on his appointment as Board Chair for Nourish Phoenix also known as NourishPHX. NourishPHX assists families and individuals with meeting their daily basic living needs by providing food, clothing, hygiene supplies, and household items.
Founded in the 1980s, Nourish Phoenix, formerly ICM Food and Clothing Bank, provides services to the working poor in Phoenix, AZ. Over the past 40 years, and through its dedicated volunteers, NourishPHX has supported and provided basic needs to nearly 1.9 million people and families facing challenging times and poverty. NourishPHX is built on the foundation that “no matter the situation, each individual should have hope and dignity when facing the extreme adversity that life hands us.”
Going a step beyond, NourishPHX also provides classes on finding a job, writing a resume, dressing for an interview, and interviewing skills. They also offer financial literacy on creating a bank account and saving money, managing debt and bills, and protecting against identity theft.
In partnership with the University of Arizona, they offer classes on the importance of healthy eating and cooking, and daily lifestyle changes for a healthier life.

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