Stephen J. Rodis, CPA | Arizona District Export Council Appointment

Congratulations to Stephen J. Rodis, CPA on his three year appointment to the Arizona District Export Council by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. As a member, Steve will engage and support U.S. small and medium-sized businesses that focus on U.S. exporting.
For over 40 years, District Export Councils (DECs) have served as communication links between small and medium-sized companies and the U.S. Commercial Service offices around the country. DECs assist companies selling their goods and services abroad, promoting U.S. economic growth. There are 61 DECs consisting of approximately 1,500 exporters and export service providers appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.
District Export Council (DEC) members must be employed as exporters or export service providers or in a profession that supports U.S. export promotion efforts. Individuals appointed to a DEC become part of a select group of trade experts dedicated to providing international trade leadership, guidance to local businesses, and assistance to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Each DEC member serves a valuable role supporting the U.S. exporting community.
DEC members engage in a variety of business activities that may include:

  • providing one-on-one counseling to new exporters;
  • collecting testimonials of exporter successes;
  • suggesting companies for recognition, such as the Export Achievement Award, or state or local exporter awards; and
  • conducting how-to-export presentations.

Additionally, members reach out to local communities on behalf of the U.S. Commercial Service, which may include:

  • meeting with local officials to provide information on trade;
  • inviting elected officials or their staff to DEC meetings;
  • monitoring state and local trade policies and activities; and
  • speaking on local radio and television talk shows.


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