Accountants and Auditors | Highest Paying Jobs of the Future

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According to Business Insider, one of the top highest paying jobs of the future is accountants and auditors. In an article written on March 20, 2019, by senior reporter Andy Kiersz, accountants and auditors ranked as the fifth highest paying job with 139,900 projected new positions through 2026. The typical educational requirement is a Bachelor’s degree. The 10 percent growth is faster than the average for all occupations. Other rankings included financial planners as fourth, general and operations managers third, applications software developers second, and registered nurses ranking first. Rankings were restricted to occupations with 2017 median earnings above the median among all occupations of $37,690.
The list was compiled by using employment projection and salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections program publishes estimates for job growth across hundreds of occupations. The most recent release compares how many people worked in each occupation in 2016 with the Bureau’s projections for 2026.

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