1099-G Forms May Contain Incorrect Information

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The Arizona Department of Revenue announced some 1099-G forms were sent to taxpayers that contained erroneous information. This does not impact anyone who did not receive an Arizona state income tax refund in 2015. Corrected 1099-G forms are set to be completed this week and mailed to impacted taxpayers as soon as possible.

The erroneous forms included information from the 2014 tax year and did not include the correct information from the 2015 tax year. Department officials are actively taking steps to have new forms with the correct information resent to affected taxpayers.

The 1099-G serves as a confirmation of the previous year’s state tax refund. Arizonans can still file their federal and state tax returns if they have access to their previous year’s return, which contains the same refund information as the 1099-G.

The Department is conducting a root-cause analysis to determine how this error occurred and prevent it from happening in the future.

For further information, please visit The Arizona Department of Revenue or email the department at 1099G@aazdor.gov.

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