Wallace Plese + Dreher Awarded Forbes America’s Best Tax and Accounting Firms 2021

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Wallace Plese + Dreher (WP+D) has been awarded and recognized on the Forbes list of America’s Best Tax and Accounting Firms 2021. This prestigious award is presented by Forbes through their partnership with the market research company Statista. Announced on December 1, 2020, the full awards list can be viewed on Forbes’ website.
Forbes and Statista created the award list through an independent survey of tax and accounting professionals who provided thousands of recommendations. From August 3 to2021 Forbes Accounting Firm September 13, 2020, Statista conducted broad U.S. surveys among tax and accounting professionals and their clients. Respondents were recruited via an online survey as well as a carefully profiled online-access panel. Recommendations from professionals working at tax and accounting firms (peers) as well as professionals working with tax and accounting firms (clients) were considered in equal measure. Self-recommendations were excluded from the analysis and multiple quality reviews were conducted prior to publication.
In order to categorize the respondents, they were asked whether they work in a tax and accounting firm or were a company using tax and accounting services as a client. In a second step, respondents were asked to select the area of expertise they would be able to share their experience: tax, accounting, or both. Clients were asked to base their experience on the last three years.
The top lists of America’s Best Tax Firms 2021 and America’s Best Accounting Firms 2021 are based on the number of recommendations received from peers and clients. To be included in either one of the two top lists, a company must receive a minimum number of recommendations from peers or clients for their tax and/or accounting services.
In total, 250 companies were awarded the title of America’s Best Tax Firm 2021 and 200 companies were awarded the title of America’s Best Accounting Firm 2021. Wallace Plese + Dreher was awarded titles in both accounting and tax.
Mark R. Dreher, CPA, Managing Partner, commented on the awards by stating, “To be awarded both titles in accounting and tax is inspiring and exciting. The awards reflect our Firm’s sustainability and commitment to serving our clients through all situations, during the low and high periods. The awards also differentiate our Firm in the Phoenix-metropolitan area and emphasize our expertise in accounting and tax. We are grateful to our staff for making this possible and clients for their confidence in us.”

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