Phoenix ZooLights

Every year, Wallace Plese + Dreher selects a unique location and experience for its holiday party. This year, our Firm chose a favorite holiday tradition, Phoenix ZooLights.
It was a rainy day and night. However, we know the importance of taking time to see each other outside of work and determined to share a unique experience. Our people donned their waterproof boots and footwear, located their umbrellas, and made the best of the situation. The slight inconvenience of rain did not keep us from enjoying each other’s company.
Our party was moved inside to a dry area where we mingled, drew prizes, and enjoyed wonderful food. Brandy Ritz, Danielle McFadden, Amy Landa, and Alyssa Logan were some of the first winners of several nice prizes.
Later in the evening, the rain stopped and we were able to see animal lanterns and enhanced light displays.

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