ADOR Importance of Verifying Mailing Address

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The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) reminds taxpayers and business owners to verify their mailing address when filing. It is critical to ensure address information is accurate so taxpayers can receive important correspondence from ADOR.ADOR Verifying Mailing Address
ADOR recommends using a standardized address that is fully spelled out and using the postal service standard abbreviations when filing electronically or registering online, such as:
1500 E Main Ave Ste 201
Anywhere AZ 85007-1010
Individual Taxpayers
If the mailing address has changed since filing a return, complete and submit Arizona Form 822 with the updated address information.
If a joint return was filed, and the individuals are still residing together, both should provide their names, social security numbers, and signatures on the form or statement.
If the residents are now living at different addresses, each taxpayer should notify ADOR of the new, separate address.
Businesses Taxpayer
Businesses can change their mailing address on corporate, withholding, and transaction privilege and use tax licenses through The website enables registered companies to update their account online using an e-signature PIN.
• To update records, log into and click “Accounts” and “Account Update.”
• New business locations can expect a new copy of their licenses within three to five business days.
For businesses with one location and that are not registered on AZTaxes, they can file a Business Account Update form.
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